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YOU Are Invited to Audrye OmArt LAUNCH!

Safe!  Fun!  Gorgeous!  Come to the DEBUT of Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart at the wonderful EastonArtGalleries.com.

Bring friends!  Yes, it’s virtual, though the art is real. Audrye OmArt are gorgeous abstracts created by Mystic Intuitive, Transformation Catalyst Audrye that up-level your vibration and frequency.  This Art beautifies any space.  

Are you feeling upset?  Angry?  Overwhelmed?  Depressed?  Change that!  Gaze at these stunning works, and feel uplifted!  Bring one home!  Live with it.

Do you prefer an Original?  How about a giclee?  A giclee is a print on canvas or metal.  You get to pick what size you desire.  

Contact Artist Audrye at 1.888.757.3223, 927.494.0628 or [email protected] or Gallery Owner Petrina Easton at 954.825.9113 or eastonartgalleries.com.
Thank you!!!!!  Many blessings!

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