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Do you yearn to be free? Of course, you do! Here’s the way. Benefit from being free of isms, including from genetic karmic patterning. Some say controversial. We say healing – of all isms!

Seminars are 10 am-5 pm. FREE copy of Audrye’s PDF book sent to all Participants!

Dress comfortably.

Bring a yoga mat, notebook plus pen that writes.

Kangen Water plus delicious Raw Vegan Lunch by Audrye supplied for you. You’ll leave satisfied in multiple ways.

The fee is $247/ seminar, or $350 for two people. Get all six for $997 upfront, a $500 savings.




  1. Breathing Attunements to Center and Uplift to Your Creative Self
  2. What Earth Experiences Do You Choose? Morph from Self-Sabotage!
  3. Morphing Your Life Anew! How to Ask, Receive, Manifest and Create!
  4. Delicious Raw Vegan LUNCH + Energizing Kangen Alkaline Water
  6. Bypass Time: Take Internal/External Steps with Main Creator Now
  7. Shamanic Spiritual Morphing Cell/DNA/Telomere Light Love Journey
    You release “junque”! Get Free! Receive Deep Transformation! Renew! Laugh!

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