Why Do We Have So Many Unintended and Unwanted Pregnancies in the U.S.?

So you know, I am a big proponent of choice.  I am this not because I like abortion, but because so many of us women are getting pregnant without intending or wanting to be.  These ladies, maybe you or someone you know, are in a pickle, whether because you are too young, already a mom and feeling overwhelmed, sometimes from rape, or from having sex unconsciously without use of any kind of effective contraception.

   The big question is why.  Why are so many women having sex without using birth control?  This is in the U.S., where you can get contraception fairly easily.  I know who’s in the WH, and I know what’s going on with abortion bans, challenge in getting free birth control.  This makes it even more important for women to be aware, conscious, informed, and taking care of yourSself, ourSselves.

    Why is there such a lag here?  No woman is more of a woman because she/you/me/any of us makes more children than another one of us.  No one is more of a woman because she makes more money, is more successful, takes on more projects, is married or coupled, or any of this.  We are all women!

    If you are having sex, ladies, with a man, USE CONTRACEPTIVES.  If you don’t care whether you get pregnant, and you have the financial means, emotional well-being and physical space to take care of a child or a group of children, then do whatever you are doing.

   Most women, and I was one, do not have this.  We have to be mindful whenever we make love or have sex that we are using appropriate contraception.  When we choose to be pregnant, then we stop using any of these devices or techniques, and especially make love during our times of ovulation and fertility.  These days, in addition to the mucus method, we have other methods of determining this.

   I have to say that I can feel disheartened by so many women of any age, complexion, financial situation, culture, what-have-you getting pregnant unconsciously.  This helps no one.  Ladies, please be aware.  If you know a woman of any age who is having sex with a male, and she is NOT using contraception, speak to her!  Make it your business, in a caring, gentle way, to have a conversation for awareness, safety, positivity.  

     Nowhere is it against SOURCE for women to use contraceptives!  We are allowed and empowered to take care of our own health, wellness, lives, else we become second-class citizens.  If you need help, buy my book THE MOTHER’S MANUAL, A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Child Rearing and Motherhood, either as Kindle, PDF on AudryeNow.com, or as an ebook at ebookstores.  

     I am open to your feedback here.