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I am honored to share with you a potpourri of possibilities.

You and all who choose it are in MORPH mode. Shift. Transform. Up-level. Evolve. Stabilize. Laugh. Appreciate. Give Thanks. Be FREE! Create. Prosper.

Who are you? What is your purpose? How do you express yourSself (S=Soul Essence Self and s=ego personality self)? What kind of planet are you creating? What can you do to enhance yourSself? How are you creating abundance? What are your talents? What happens after you MORPH?

What am I? Good question!

A Spiritual Clairvoyant Consultant, I use many methods – readings, healings, astrology, Courses, books, Audrye OmArt, Kangen Water, speaking, presentations, social media, Zoom, vegan food – to catalyze you beyond the gap to your Higher Sself.

I am The Transformation Catalyst, Diversity Expander, Frequency Enhancer, ever exploring the deeper aspects of being, consciousness, life. I also love to dance!

My clients and participants EVOLVE! So wonderful.

Search, enjoy, play, register in this site for all that benefits you. We are also upgrading. Contact me! Make requests.

We are all in this together. Yet, seemingly paradoxical, you are also responsible for choosing to and taking the steps to Sself evolution. Allow me to assist you.

Your GIFT! Get The Protective Prayer here. Use it daily.


Thank you very much! Many Blessings!


Who and what am I? Why do my clients come to me? What happens for them?
What’s it like for me? I am The Transformation Catalyst and Diversity Expert.

Online Courses!


Morph Into the Magic of Sself Love

Flow with Life Easily!
Manifest Your Heart-Soul Desires!
Vibrate at a High Frequency!
Live NOW in the New Paradigm!


Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality:
Stupendous SEX! Course

Your Intimacy Healing Exuberance Course

Ism Freedom!

Be Free of the Causes and Effects of Racism, Sexism and Other ISMs

This is REAL and RELEVANT Now!!!!

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Butterflies of Wisdom

Listen to Audrye’s most recent interview with Winn,  host of Butterflies of Wisdom, podcast.  Listen as they discuss Audrye’s new books, spirituality and breathing techniques.

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Latest Posts

“Audrye has a big heart. All her healing for the people and the planet comes from there. She is a leader in creating change for our highest good.

She is a si-star and a friend, and this love keeps growing. She approaches all her creative endeavors with this same passion.

I look forward to all ways she shares her blessed gifts.”

Alisha , Painter / Water Healer / Director of Comedy

“Working with Audrye was an absolute pleasure!  She is one of the most open-hearted psychics and spiritual consultants I have met.  Her energy is gracious, warm and very insightful.  Her work as an intuitive healer is equally powerful.  Having done several sessions with Audrye, I highly recommend her services to
anyone open to higher guidance.”

Mario Arbore , Architect / Arbore Architecture Design PLLC

“Audrye has given birth to a masterpiece that will guide, teach and inspire mothers around the world the true essence of being a Mother.  Every woman needs to read this book, so we can raise our children to transform humanity for the better.  A true treasure map to motherhood for those who really care about our future.”

Gayelle Felix , RN LMT / Holistic Practitioner

“Audrye has a gift of knowing and a dedication to this planet and all human beings like no other. Her tireless actions of creating safe spaces and wisdom are astounding. Opening up to the realms of possibility of loving one another no matter what race we are or what difference we have is imperative for our survival. Audrey is a champion of love.”

Burge Smith-Lyons , Founder & CEO of Essence of Being, Inc. What You Focus on Expands!